As an effective approach to improving the fuel economy of modern heavy-duty vehicles, hydraulic hybrids have shown great advantages in off-road vehicles. Wheel loader is one of the representative vehicles in off-road applications as they are usually designed for single and repetitive task such as loading material. In a typical short loading cycle, there are many accelerations and decelerations, showing great hybridization potentials. Therefore in this paper a series hydraulic hybrid powertrain has been proposed for compact wheel loader since its hydrostatic powertrain can be easily transformed to a series hydraulic hybrid with an additional hydraulic accumulator. The modeling and system design of the series hydraulic hybrid wheel loader have been presented. Three controllers have been designed for vehicle speed control, engine torque control and engine speed control respectively. A dynamic simulation model has been developed in MATLAB/Simulink. A rule-based energy management strategy (EMS) has been proposed for the series hydraulic hybrid wheel loader. Two different EMS schemes were investigated and compared through simulation studies.

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