Highly integrated electro-hydraulic power packages with electric motor-driven pumps (EMP) are a key technology for future aircraft with electric distribution systems. State of the art aircraft EMPs are robust but lack efficiency, availability, and have high noise emissions. Variable speed fixed displacement (VSFD-) EMPs, combining a permanent magnet synchronous motor and an internal gear pump, show promising properties regarding noise reduction and energy efficiency. Though, meeting the strict dynamic requirements is tough with this EMP-concept. Speed limitations and inertia impose strong restrictions on the achievable dynamic performance. Moreover, the requirements must be met under a wide range of operating conditions. For a prototype aircraft VSFD-EMP a robust pressure controller design is proposed in this paper. In a first step the operating conditions of the EMP are defined, analyzing environmental conditions and impacts of the interfacing aircraft systems. Nonlinear and linear control design models are developed and validated by measurements at an EMP test rig built for this project. A conventional cascade pressure control concept is selected. This is motivated by the demand for simple, reliable, and proven solutions in aerospace applications. A controller is designed by applying classical loop shaping techniques. Robust stability and performance of the system are investigated through a subsequent μ-analysis. Finally, the controller is tested under nominal and worst case conditions in nonlinear simulations.

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