In this paper, active vibration control concept using the existing pump control system based on the multi-frequency two-weight notch LMS (Least Mean Square) filter was investigated and tested experimentally. This research also includes the direct swash plate acceleration measurement, the case acceleration measurement, and the simultaneous multi-position microphone measurement in the semi-anechoic chamber. A 75 cc/rev swash plate type axial pump was modified to implement swash plate active vibration control combining a high speed direct drive servovalve, an electronic swash plate angle sensor, a swash plate acceleration sensor, and a high speed real-time controller with the NI Labview FPGA. Vibration measurements utilizing a tri-axial swash plate acceleration sensor and two tri-axial case acceleration sensors, and noise measurements using three microphones were conducted in the semi-anechoic chamber to investigate the influence and effectiveness of the developed system and the proposed swash plate active vibration control.

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