The large flow water hydraulic proportional cartridge valve is one of the most important components and also the technical difficulties in the high performance large-tonnage engineering machinery, such as the die casting machine. The structure and principle of the large flow water hydraulic proportional cartridge valve are presented in this paper. The valve utilizes a two-stage structure with the high performance proportional valves as the pilot stage and the cartridge poppet valve as the main stage to overcome the fundamental tradeoff between the flow capacity and dynamic characteristics. A detailed and precise nonlinear mathematical model of the cartridge valve considering both structural parameters and nonlinear factors (compressibility of water, leakage, friction, flow force, etc.) is established. And then MATLAB/Simulink software is employed to build the simulation model and the dynamic simulation is carried out. Compared with the simulation results of the valve with different design parameters, the static and dynamic characteristics of the proportional cartridge throttle valve have been analyzed. The impacts of the parameters on the performance of step-response have been studied. Finally, based on multi-objective optimization method, the optimal parameters of the cartridge valve have been obtained. The simulation results show that the performances have been significantly improved.

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