This paper deals with a novel independent metering valve system which is intended to be used in medium sized mobile machines. The system uses a mechanical pressure compensator to enable a very simple SISO control algorithm which does not need any feedback parameters to be adjusted. The algorithm is capable of handling resistive and pulling loads at a certain desired velocity and inlet chamber pressure level. The paper gives a brief summary of the systematic approach to deriving the valves structure and compares different control approaches for the complete hydraulic system comprising several actuators. Special emphasis is given to the preferred solution, which is verified on a laboratory test rig consisting of reasonably priced mobile machine components. Furthermore a linear model of system and control structure is constructed to give detailed information regarding the dynamic characteristics of the controlled drive. The energetic benefits of the novel system architecture in comparison to a standard coupled metering flow sharing system are investigated by means of a levelling movement performed on the test rig and a simulated synthetic high power digging cycle.

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