Smooth operation of heavy-duty forestry cranes is not an easy task for the operators with the current joystick-based control method that is complex and non-intuitive. Moreover, abrupt movements of the same joysticks provoke aggressive signals that can lead to oscillatory motions in the actuators and in the entire crane. These oscillations, not only contribute to wear of the joint actuators but also can cause damage to both the operators and the environment; therefore, they must be attenuated. The proposed approach in this paper uses the popular input shaping control technique combined with a practical switching logic to deal with different frequency payload oscillations induced by the motion of the inner boom actuator of a forwarder crane. The results show a significant improvement in terms of visible oscillation reduction monitored through their appearance in the torque signal computed from pressure measurements. Experiments performed on a down-sized forestry crane verifies the effectiveness of the approach.

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