The four-point leveling hydraulic system (FLHS) is a key component of high-precision hydraulic press. To meet the development trend of leveling system of hydraulic press, such as large stroke, anti-bias load ability, big leveling torque, principle of passive FLHS with four axis synchronous controlling has been proposed, using four high-precision displacement sensors and four high-response servo-proportional valves (HSPV). Because the HSPV has a certain predictive opening, during the process of passive leveling operating, linearization of the mathematic model at operating point is necessary. In this paper, a simulation model of the system, which uses the average type synchronous control strategy, is built with ADAMS and MATLAB / Simulink, as well as the operational parameters of the model. The result of the simulation shows that the system using the average type synchronous control strategy is able to ensure the synchronization error among the four axis of the leveling system. It also suggests that the proposed leveling and the control strategy are reasonable, effective and feasible.

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