In digital hydraulic systems, switching valves have opening and closing times in the range of a few milliseconds. Due to this fast switching, high bandwidth pressure pulsation is excited, which is the stimulus for airborne noise up to some kilohertz. Since the human ear is very sensitive to audible noise in this frequency range, an analysis of the influence of the valve’s opening curve on the pressure surge in the pipe system is intended. The study is based on simulations employing dynamic pipe models for linear wave propagation and laminar fluid flow. In particular, a simple pipe system with a valve at one end and a pressure boundary at the other end of the pipe is investigated. It is shown, how the valve opening characteristics of spool and seat type switching valves influences the pipe responses. Also the role of parasitic inductances due to the valve block bores is discussed and it is shown how the switching characteristics influences the dynamical effects on the pressure pulsations in the pipe system.

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