A giant Magnetstrictive materials-based Electro-hydrostatic Actuator (MEHA) is shown by presenting its structure configuration and working principle, which include a Giant Material Actuator (GMA), pump, two one-way check valves, a cylinder and utilize fluid rectification via one-way check valves to amplify the small, high-frequency vibrations of GMA into large motions of a hydraulic cylinder.

The established dynamic model of a MEHA involves five submodels from the viewpoint of energy conversion: the dynamic model of the power amplifier; the dynamic magnetization model that describes the relationship between the exciting current and the magnetization of the Giant Magnetostrictive Material (GMM) rod; the magnetoelastic model describing the relationship between the magnetostrictive strain and the magnetization of GMM rod; the kinetic model of the GMA describing the relationship between the GMA displacement (piston displacement of pump) and the magnetostrictive strain; the cylinder motion model.

By the simulation to the above model, dynamic characteristics of MEHA are clearly exhibited by the dynamic response curves, which show a good agreement with the experimental data and gives a scientific explanation about the test results.

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