A novel Vane Pump Power Split Transmission (VPPST), applied to a class 1 pickup truck, is demonstrated in this paper. The VPPST, a power split hydraulic transmission consists of Vane Pump Power Split Unit (VPSU) and a variable displacement hydraulic motor. The VPSU is a double acting vane pump with a floating ring. The floating ring is coupled to the output shaft, which is connected to the drive shaft. The input shaft of the VPSU is coupled to the engine. The control flow of the VPSU is fed to a variable displacement motor mounted on the VPSU output shaft. The transmission ratio is adjusted by controlling the displacement of the variable motor. The resulting continuous variable transmission allows for optimum engine operation by decoupling the engine speed from the drive speed. The transmission also has an integral clutch that allows de-clutching the engine from the drive train by retracting the vanes of the VPSU. In this paper, a quasi-static simulation approach is used to study the performance of the transmission.

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