This paper presents a non-model based control approach to reduce payload oscillations in hydraulic load handling machines. Hydraulic mobile machinery are subjected to different kinds of vibrations related to their actuation, which hamper productivity and safety. In particular, these oscillations can occur at the machine structure, at the operator cabin or at the payload. While several techniques have been proposed to specifically address the first two forms of vibrations, the problem of limiting payload oscillations has encountered less attention by researchers in the fluid power field. The particular control technique proposed in this work is pressure feedback, and utilizes pressure sensor which can be located in well protected areas of the hydraulic system of the machine. The control method is based on an online identification of the frequency of load oscillations and selectively reduces these oscillations by acting on the hydraulic actuators of the machine. With reference to a hydraulic crane installed at the authors’ research center, this paper details the methodology, particularly focusing on the technique utilized for the online identification of the nature of load oscillations. Experimental results are presented to show the effectiveness of the proposed method to reduce payload oscillations, and demonstrate its applicability for hydraulic load handling machines.

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