Discrete fluid power force systems consisting of a multi-chamber cylinder, a switching manifold and common pressure lines have been proposed as a technology for increasing the efficiency of the power take off system in ocean wave energy converters. However the force shifting of these discrete systems introduces large switching losses, especially when large pressure difference is present across the valves in the manifold. The current paper therefore focus on designing a bidirectional check valve for use in the switching manifold of the discrete force systems. The use of the bidirectional check valve enables passive force switching under minimal pressure difference, hence minimal energy loss. The bidirectional check valve is designed with a rated flow in the range of 1000L/min@5bar. The flow direction of the bidirectional check valve is set by the setting the pilot pressure. This paper presents a functionality test of a 125 L/min@5bar bidirectional check, leading to the design and modelling of a bidirectional check valve for ocean wave energy. It shows that a feasible bidirectional check valve may be configured by employing a multi-poppet topology for the main stage and utilising a 3/2 switching valve as pilot stage. The bidirectional check valve may operate both passive an active switching.

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