This study implemented a 3D comprehensive Eulerian-Lagrangian numerical evaluation of the flow around the electrostatic rotary bell sprayer (ERBS) attached to a devised novel high-voltage emitting embodiment, portable retractable blades assembly or adjustable fixed control ring for improving the performance and transfer efficiency (TE) of the coating process. The electric potential distribution, which is produced by applying a voltage differential between the spray gun and the grounded target, is manipulated here to control the electrostatic force acting on the sprayed particles more effectively. The electrostatic rotary bell sprayers are widely utilized in the automotive industry, the disinfection process of different places, and the pesticides applications in agriculture. The disintegration process of the paint liquid inside and around the rotary bell cup surface, the spray plume pattern and the film formation on the workpiece for various introduced cases are compared precisely. Due to the concentration and distortion of the electrical field equipotential lines among the ERBS and target, thicker film distributions were obtained in the modified design of the sprayer in a combination of the retractable blades or the control ring compare to the conventional one. These results, achieved utilizing the new corona charging sprayer versions, satisfactorily confirm the applicability of the proposed concepts for all electrical effects, including space charge.

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