The carbon capture, transportation and storage (CCS) technology is an important option to achieve carbon emission reduction. Supercritical CO2 pipeline as its intermediate link, in order to prevent pipeline fracture propagation, human injury and transportation medium loss caused by leakage, it is necessary to establish a highly accurate on-line leakage monitoring technology. At present, the law of pressure and temperature response in supercritical CO2 pipeline leakage is not well understood, and the mechanism of pressure and temperature coupling mutation in the propagation of decompression wave is still unclear. Based on the experimental data of pipeline leakage, combined with theoretical analysis and numerical simulation, this paper studies the sudden change mechanism of pressure and temperature at the moment of leakage, analyzes the attenuation law of sudden drop rebound amplitude of pressure and temperature during the propagation of decompression wave, studies the influence of velocity error, dynamic error and other errors on sensor measurement, and puts forward an improved method of high-precision state parameter measurement.

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