The effect of the excitation frequency of synthetic jet actuators on the mean jet velocity of synthetic jets issuing from an array of circular orifices is investigated experimentally. Herein, the focus is placed on an array of circular orifices, rather than a single orifice, as it brings the advantage of covering long-span airfoils. The array consists of 16 circular orifices, each having a diameter of 3.42 mm, distributed over a span of 300 mm. The jets are generated by the excitation of a single cavity via 16 piezoelectric elements. Localized velocity measurements at the exit of the orifices show that the mean jet velocity varies with the excitation frequency. Several distinct resonant peaks were observed in the frequency response. Acoustic simulations of the cavity showed that these peaks correspond to acoustic mode shapes of the cavity. Due to the high-aspect ratio of the cavity, several acoustic mode shapes exist in the excitation frequency range aside from the Helmholtz resonance frequency. Moreover, the mean jet velocity emanating from the array shows a variation from orifice to orifice, depending on the excited acoustic mode.

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