Accurate simulation of metal casting press-forming process needs to consider mutual coupling effects in a number of different fields of physics subsystem. Hydraulic systems, control systems and mechanical systems are the most important subsystems among them. It is difficult to create various subsystems in detail in a single modeling tools, so co-simulation technology is used to take advantage of different tools to achieve the entire physical process of system-level simulation. The paper researched the co-simulation in the Abaqus software and the Matlab software based on FMI standard, considered fully the coupling effect between different systems, and simulated the metal casting press-forming process. The simulation results showed that co-simulation based on FMI standard can be well suited for multi-disciplinary co-simulation in complex mechanical model, and played a well-guiding role in the engineering design. The co-simulation would take more computation time than traditional simulation, but it can be achieved to research the integrated features of system and to reduce greatly experiments costs and prototype trial risks by using this technology.

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