A numerical study is proposed to analyze the turbulent flow structures. This paper aims to determine the effect of the series of the cavities. The configuration is similar to that represented by two walls with infinite width, one of which is mobile and the other is fixed. The series of cavity are placed on the fixed wall. The objectives are to study the aero acoustic capabilities of LBM and to build and to assess the efficiency of the Lattice Boltzmann Equation (LBE) as a new computational tool to perform the Large-Eddy Simulations (LES) for turbulent flows. In the first part, the background of LBM is presented and the construction of Navier-Stokes equations from Boltzmann equation is discussed. The LBM-LES model for solving transition is developed and turbulence modeling is implemented. In the second part, the dynamics of the flows in the vicinity of cavities with symmetric or asymmetric edges are considered, to then discuss the oscillation phenomenon. The effect of the geometric of the cavity and the Reynolds numbers were studied to investigate the fluid flow dynamics. We were focusing on the dynamics of asymmetric deep cavity flows, to put forward the topology of the cavity flow and to highlight the effects of dissymmetry and aspect ratio.

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