Hot-wire measurements were taken in the wake of ten finite length circular cylinders, six of which were also tapered, in a uniform flow in a low speed wind tunnel. The Reynolds number based on mean cylinder diameter ranged from 2100 ≤ Re ≤ 5500, the aspect ratio (AR) of the cylinders varied from 16 ≤ AR ≤ 64, and the taper ratio (RT) varied from 21.3 ≤ RT ≤ 96. The vortex shedding along the spans of the cylinders coalesced into discrete cells, the range of Strouhal numbers and the number of cells being a function of the cylinder aspect ratio and taper ratio. It was found that the number of discrete cells is linearly related to a cylinder geometry ratio (CGR) defined as CGR = AR(1 + AR/RT).

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