Most of the currently-enrolled undergraduate engineering students grew up with exposure to social media websites like Facebook and Youtube. Making sure that students are not distracted by their mobile devices in class has become more challenging, and one way to address the issue is to present engineering in a more entertaining and engaging way. A rap song about fluid mechanics was created by the author for entrainment, outreach, and education purposes. The song covers the fundamentals of fluid mechanics and mentions some theoretical basics, as well as some of the most widely used computational fluid dynamics and experimental fluid dynamics techniques. The song was written with the intention to be entertaining and educational — the goal was that someone with no prior fluid mechanics background will be able to understand it after spending 10–20 minutes reading through the lyrics explanations. A music video was produced for the song. The video production was sponsored by the American Society of Mechanical Engineers and includes visuals of experimental facilities and equipment.

The paper provides the background of the project, marketing plans, some of the lessons learned, the lyrics, and the explanations of the lyrics.

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