In this study, a liquid sheet with an aspect ratio of 90 and a thickness of 0.35 was experimentally investigated when issued into a low-speed subsonic crossflow. High speed photography and shadowgraphy technique were employed to capture the instantaneous physics of the liquid sheet. Flow visualizations were used to investigate the flow development of the liquid sheet. It was found that this flow exhibited a completely different flow structure than circular or other non-circular liquid sheets. It was found that the liquid sheet developed a concave-like shape in the presence of the transverse airstream. This phenomenon, named as inflated sheet, was absent in regular circular liquid jets injected into gaseous crossflow. It was revealed the inflated sheet was the main feature of the liquid sheet that made the jet characteristics unique. The flow feature of the inflated sheet structure and its alteration with flow condition was fully examined. Moreover, the width and trajectory of the liquid sheet were quantitatively studied at different Weber numbers and for the constant momentum ratio of 40. It was found that the fluid width could be a useful parameter to distinguish different regimes of the flow.

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