In order to improve suction performance, centrifugal pumps with an inducer are used for rocket pumps, liquid gas transport such as LNG, and general-purpose pumps. Since a higher suction performance than conventional pump is required, a splitter blade that consists of a long blade and a short blade is sometimes adopted. However, the design becomes more difficult due to the increased number of parameters. The stable operation over a wide flow rate range are required in the general-purpose pumps. Therefore it is necessary to design them so that unstable flow phenomena such as surges do not occur. However, the design method to avoid them is not well understood yet.

In this study, we focused on the splitter blade impeller in a general-purpose low-speed centrifugal pump with an inducer. Six parameters such as leading edge position and trailing edge position of the short blade for both hub-side and tip-side were set as design ones. A multi-objective optimization method using a commercial software was applied to improve suction performance while maintaining high efficiency. Then obtained optimal shape were analyzed by CFD calculation and extracted the feature. Furthermore, optimized impellers were manufactured and confirmed the performance over a wide flow rate range by experiments. In addition, a optimizing design method that improves pump performance at lower cost was studied.

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