Modern submersible pumps are high performance aggregates for long-term operation, which find application in open-pit mining. Dewatering of groundwater to run an open-pit mine with various conditions for submersible pumps often leads to short-term performance based on different circumstances in the well as well as in the general operation. These result in high maintenance and energy costs and decreases the drawdown in open-pit mining.

To ensure a long-time performance, a proper selection of submersible pump and motor is required.

It is also necessary to consider the geometry of different deep wells in order to take into account the initial conditions of the pumps.

This paper shows recommendations for long-term operation of high-performance submersible pumps due to the conditions of the mining industry. Therefore, a holistic consideration of the aggregate takes place to receive recommendations, which minimize the rate of pump failures and increase the efficiency of the dewatering process. These recommendations are based on various failures found during an investigation. Furthermore, this paper recommends different methods to prevent these failures, for instance clogging and erosion through particles in the well. These recommendations are linked to the research of different submersible motor pumps from various manufacturers in different wells in German open-pit mines with short-term operation caused by several circumstances.

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