For the reason that current pump performance parameters and its piping system do not match, a new plan was proposed in this study to improve the low efficiency and reduce the high-energy consumption of Zhenjiang water intake pump station. According to the measured data in the field and the design information of the pumping station system, the simulation model of the pumping station is established with the help of commercial software Flowmaster. Based on this model, the simulation of various operating conditions is carried out. Considering the running condition of the pump station in the past years, the design condition spectrum of the new pump station is finally formed. On the purposes of optimizing the scheduling and decreasing the reconstruction cost, the implementation plan of pump station reconstruction was determined. Under the guidance of the plan, the work of design, manufacturing, testing, installation and debugging of a new type of double suction pump are completed in combination with the actual situation. The results show that the cost of electricity can be saved by 35,000 dollars and the cost of reconstruction can be recovered in less than one year. This study realizes energy-saving in the pumping station operation.

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