Green or living walls are active bio-filters developed to enhance air quality. Often, these walls form the base from which plants are grown; and the plant-wall system helps to remove both gaseous and particulate air pollutants. They can be classified as passive or active systems. The active systems are designed with ventilators which force air through the substrate and plant rooting system, therefore the air is purified and filtered through a bio-filtration process which also acts as a natural cooling system. Their benefits include temperature reduction, improvement of air quality and reduction of air pollution, oxygen production as well as the social and psychological wellbeing. They can produce changes in the ambient conditions (temperature and humidity) of the air layers around them which create an interesting insulation effect. The effect of green wall modules on the air temperature and on humidity is investigated in this work. A closed chamber made of acrylic sheets is used to monitor the temperature and humidity variation caused by a green wall module placed at its center. A fan positioned at the back center of the module drives air at ambient conditions and direct it into the module. Temperature and humidity are measured at different locations inside the chamber during operation for different modules with different plant species. The effect of changing the surrounding ambient conditions is also investigated.

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