The Eulerian methods are susceptible to generate the nonphysical spurious currents in the multiphase flow simulations near the interfaces. This paper presents a new Eulerian method to accurately simulate the velocity fields, especially near the multiphase flow interfaces and prevents the numerical results from generating the nonphysical currents. A Eulerian central difference finite-volume scheme equipped with the suitable numerical dissipation terms is used to simulate incompressible multiphase flows. The interface is captured by Flux Corrected Transport-Volume of Fluid method (FCT-VOF). Increasing the accuracy near the sharp gradients, such as interface, the conservative form of incompressible Navier-Stokes equations is solved to locally conserve the properties. The main feature of this algorithm is its ability to control the pressure gradient oscillation and also spurious currents near the interface; two common problems in multiphase flow simulations, and as a result improves the accuracy of the simulation by artificial numerical dissipations. The results show the FCT-VOF is able to precisely calculate the interface, and the numerical dissipation terms are the powerful device to prevent the spurious currents.

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