Immersed boundary method has got increasing attention in modeling fluid-solid interaction using computational fluid dynamics due to its robustness and simplicity. It simulates fluid-solid interaction by adding a body force in the momentum equation without a body conforming mesh generation involved. Different immersed boundary methods have been presented and applied to solve fluid flow with immersed solid bodies. The main difference between these immersed boundary methods is how the body force is calculated. In this paper, a new immersed boundary method is proposed. The body force is calculated based on the volume fraction of the solid body immersed in fluid. Compared to the existing and similar methods, the new method develops a mechanism to calculate the body force and thereby more accurately resolve the physics on the solid-fluid interface. The solid body is represented using a level set that facilitates the calculation of the solid volume fraction. The body force derivation is presented and the method is validated against the test cases with existing analytical solutions or well established numerical solutions. A good match was reached.

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