This paper presents experimental unsteady pressure measurements gathered on a single stage axial compressor during pre-stall and transition to stall operations. The aim of this study is to analyze the transition from a stable operating point to the fully developed rotating stall regime, and more specifically, the effect of the throttling process on the development of the instabilities. To do so, experiments have been repeated leading the compressor to stall operations with various throttling speed.

On one hand, this paper analyses the effect of the throttling speed on the dynamic of the instability development from the first detection of spike type precursors to completely developed rotating stall.

On the other hand, a stall warning signal based on the correlation of the instantaneous pressure signal with a reference pressure signal is built. The influence of the location of the pressure transducer used for the warning signal is first analyzed. Then an analysis of the effect of the throttling process on the time between the warning signal and the effective stall development is proposed.

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