A numerical study is performed for the fluid flow, heat and mass transfer in a ventilated enclosure where a thermally and solutally activated square block is placed for heat and solute exchanges. The block is maintained with higher temperature and concentration than that of inlet flow and the walls are impermeable and adiabatic to heat and solute. Cold fluid is entered through a slot of left vertical wall and flushes out at the different slots of opposite wall to study the mixed air distribution due to the thermosolutal source present in the core of the enclosure. The dynamic, thermal and solutal transport phenomena are computationally visualized through the streamlines, isotherms and iso-concentration lines. The efficient cooling activities are studied by changing the locations of inlet and outlet ports with the variation of Richardson number (Ri) and Reynolds number (Re) for a fixed Prandtl number (Pr = 0.71).

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