In this study the hybrid RANS/LES turbulence model within the framework of the Lattice Boltzmann method (LBM) was used to study turbulent indoor airflows. In this approach the near wall region was simulated by the RANS model, while the bulk of the domain was analyzed using the LES model with the LBM approach. In the near wall layer where RANS was used, the k-ε turbulence model was employed. For the k-ε turbulence model in conjunction with the LBM two population balance equations for k and ε were used.

The present simulation results for the airflow showed good agreement with the experimental data and the earlier numerical results for the hybrid RANS/LES. The results showed that the hybrid model properly predicted the large scale turbulence fluctuation velocities in the bulk of the flow region. In addition, the computational time for the hybrid model is less than that of the LES method.

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