In this numerical study, Commercial CFD (Computational Fluid Dynamics) code, ANSYS CFX ver. 17.1, is used to analyze the 3-Dimensional flow characteristics through orifice plate (β = 0.6) with two 90 degree bends in different planes. The purpose of this numerical study is to evaluate measurement accuracy and flow characteristics of orifice flowmeter depending on upstream straight length from 12D to 56D.

Thus, numerical calculations of pressure drop caused by swirling flow and distortion of axial velocity profile on orifice plate are performed by using numerical analysis. In addition, numerical analysis results are compared with recommended upstream straight length of ASME Performance Test Codes 19.5 for orifice plates and nozzles.

The results show that if upstream straight length of orifice flowmeter is more than 40D, there is a little deviation of differential pressure. Moreover, it is found that up-down asymmetry of recirculation zones is relatively attenuated as the upstream straight length increases.

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