M199 is a kind of traditional drug fungicide, which is utilized widely in agriculture. The cooling circulating water system of such a production line consumes so much energy as to build cooling water supply model based on reaction vessel heat transfer mechanism and cooling requirement. The problems of the system is caused from improper pump selection, unreasonable condition adjustment methods, unscientific management, and difficulty in energy consumption evaluation and so on. In order to increase operation efficiency of the system and reduce the waste of energy, this paper surveyed the situation of equipment installation and M199 technological process, then compare the existing energy consumption with that under a variable frequency speed regulation to identify the space for energy saving, eventually complete the analysis of assessment of energy consumption in the whole system. Water supply system of variable pressure and flow is utilized under the premise of meeting the requirement of M199 technological process according to the pump affinity laws and by considering the energy-saving in the pump themselves and their systems so as to refurbish the system and realize the reduction of energy and production costs.

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