Propeller fans are required not only to have high performance but also to be extremely quiet. The internal flow field of ventilation propeller fans is even more complicated because they usually have a very peculiar configuration with protruding blades upstream. Thus, many kinds of internal vortices yield which cause noise and their cause and countermeasures are needed to be clarified.

The purposes of this paper are to visualize the internal flow of the propeller fan from the static and rotating frame of reference. The internal flow visualization measured from the static frame gives approximately the scale of the tip vortex. The visualization from the rotating coordinate system yields a better understanding of the flow phenomena occurring at the specific blade. The experiment is implemented by using a small camera mounted on the shaft of the fan and rotated it to capture the behavior of the vortices using a laser light sheet to irradiate the blade surface. Hence, the flow field of the specific blade could be understood to some extent. The visualized results are compared with the CFD results and these results show a similar tendency about the generation point and developing process of the tip vortex. In addition, it is found that the noise measurement result is relevant to the effect of tip vortex from the visualization result.

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