Present paper describes performance on the small Darius wind turbine installed at the Duckjeok island in Korea. The turbine performance is evaluated using experimental measurements and numerical simulation. To determine the energy production of the turbine using experimental measurement, the wind turbine has been designed and installed at the Duckjeok island located in Korea. Local real-time wind conditions, local wind velocity, wind direction, ambient air temperature and atmospheric pressure are stored in a computer by data acquisition system with the turbine performance in real time. Numerical simulation using commercial code of SC/Tetra is employed in the present study. SST turbulence model is introduced to estimate the eddy viscosity. The reliability and efficiency of the numerical model have been confirmed through the grid dependency test and comparisons with the results of experimental measurement. Throughout the experiments and numerical simulation on the energy production of the turbine, relatively good agreement on the turbine performance is obtained. The detailed flow field inside the turbine blades is analyzed and discussed.

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