Due to the advantages of high head and no leakage, multistage canned motor pump is widely used in oil industry, chemical industry, national defense and atomic energy. In order to meet the needs of the market, the multistage canned motor pump is designed. This paper introduced the hydraulic design and structural design. In order to optimizing the performance of the pump, this paper designed and used multistage canned motor pump DBP15–50×8 as the research object. Three-dimensional model of the main flow passage components is built and the mesh is generated respectively by using Pro/E and ICEM software, and we calculated the whole internal flow field of the pump that was selected by using ANSYS CFX14.0 software, achieving the pressure and velocity distribution in the pump and the internal details of flow in impeller and other main flow components. The post-processing showed the fluid in sliding bearing section rotates around the shaft, so the local flow is disorder. The comparison of the performance prediction and the experiment shows that the error is low. The cavitating turbulent flow in the flow field was numerically simulated by using the cavitation model. The cavitation phenomena didn’t occur in the experiments. The condition meets the result of numerical simulation.

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