The axial-flow pump system research and technological innovation in China are introduced. The research trend on hydraulic performance of the axial flow pump system are discussed. The applications of axial-flow pump hydraulic model and recent progress are presented. Through inductive characteristics of axial flow pump system, the classification of the system is put forward according to the installation position of the motor namely the shaft extension type axial-flow pump system and the tubular axial-flow pump system. The innovation applying of the different types of axial-flow pump systems in a number of pumping station projects are introduced respectively. From the perspective of technological development and application prospects of axial-flow pump system are analyzed. The limitations of the traditional pump selection method are discussed, and the applicable rationality of a new method of pump selection for the axial-flow pump system, is introduced. The variable angle adjustment formula and applicability based on the test data of axial-flow pump system are introduced. The harmfulness to the pump units from the intake vortex and the safety measures are analyzed. The research results of the vortices in the pump sump and the measures of vortices prevention and elimination are described. As regarding the real and potential problems in research development on axial-flow pump system, the suggestions for further deepen researches are presented.

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