In this study, a shear-dependent continuum model for platelet activation, adhesion and aggregation is validated using computational fluid dynamics (CFD). To take the presence of red cells into account, a combination of excess-platelet boundary layer and enhanced mass diffusivity of platelets and large species is used to mimic this behavior. The model has been validated under three different shear conditions and two different heparin levels. Also three-dimensional simulations were carried out to evaluate the model’s prediction of thrombus growth rate for stenosed tubes under various flow conditions and stenosis degrees. For these cases, also the effect of change in platelet diffusivity has been investigated by using an empirical correlation for enhanced diffusivity of platelets. For all 3D simulations, results for thrombus growth rate as a function of local wall shear rate were compared to those of experiments and numerical studies in the literature and an acceptable agreement was achieved.

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