The statistical data of five years wind speed measurements at University of Maryland, Baltimore County are used to find out the availability of wind energy resource for power generation. Wind speeds are measured at an approximately 30 meters above the ground; the monthly and yearly mean wind speeds are calculated and evaluated by using the Weibull distribution function. The annual values of k (dimensionless Weibull shape parameter) ranged from 1.78 to 1.99 with a five-year mean value of 1.87. The annual values of c (Weibull scale parameter) ranged from 3.15 to 3.60 with a five-year mean value of 3.28. The results show the highest and lowest wind power potential occurs in February and July, respectively. While this site is not appropriate for large-scale power generation, this study shows the availability of enough wind potential for non-grid connected electrical and mechanical applications. Different residential wind harvesting technologies in urban areas have been studied and more promising ones are introduced as solutions to provide larger-scale power generation at this site with a low annual mean wind speed.

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