The physics of transport, deposition, detachment and reentrainment re-entrainment of particles suspended in a fluid are of great interests in many practical fluid engineering problems. For spherical particles, analysis of their translational motions is sufficient for a complete description of their transport processes. Prediction of transport and deposition of non-spherical particles, however, is more complicated due to the coupling of particle translational and rotational motions. Most studies related to dispersion of ellipsoidal particles used the traditional creeping flow formulations for hydrodynamic forces and torques. These formulations are valid for very low Reynolds number flows. In this study, dispersion and deposition of ellipsoidal particles in a fully developed laminar pipe flow are analyzed numerically using new correlations for hydrodynamic forces and torques. The deposition efficiency of the ellipsoidal particles in laminar pipe flow are calculated and the results are compared with other theoretical and numerical studies and good agreement is observed.

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