The objective of this study is to characterize flow parameters for two-dimensional turbulent jets impinging on a flat surface. An integral form of the momentum equation has been used to obtain a hydrodynamic solution. The boundary layer was divided into three regions, stagnation zone, developing zone and fully developed zone for free-surface and free shear, and into two regions, stagnation and wall jet zone for submerged jet configurations. A nonlinear ordinary differential equation has been obtained for frictional velocity at each zone using a logarithmic velocity profile with Coles’s law of the wake and solved numerically to predict wall shear stress as well as boundary layer and momentum thicknesses. The proposed method is more straightforward and computationally less expensive in calculating the main flow parameters as compared to turbulent flow models such as RANS and LES. Predicted wall shear stresses for a submerged jet were compared to experimental data for different cases and showed agreement with experimental data.

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