An experimental study is undertaken to investigate the features of separated and reattached flow over surface mounted traverse ribs of varying aspect ratio (1:1, 1:2, and 1:4) in a recirculating open channel turbulent flow. A particle image velocimetry system was used to conduct the velocity measurements. Upstream conditions were kept consistent among all three test cases. The reattachment length of the separated flow was found to decrease as rib aspect ratio increased, primarily as a result of a secondary separation reattachment formation on the ribs of increased aspect ratio. Contour plots of mean velocities, turbulence intensities, turbulent kinetic energy and Reynolds shear stresses, as well as one-dimensional profiles of streamwise mean velocity, turbulent kinetic energy and Reynolds shear stress in the recirculation and reattachment region are presented and discussed. The results show that maximum wall-normal mean velocities are approximately 40% of the approach freestream velocity. The results also indicate that the turbulence levels downstream of the block tend to decrease as the rib aspect ratio increases.

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