In heating and cooling applications, VRV (Variable refrigerant volume) systems can be used instead of air handling units because of their low energy consumption. In this study, a bank which is kept 20°C and 24°C inside temperature heating and cooling seasons respectively was taken into consideration in order to compare different VRV systems such as VRV system for heating only mode and VRV system supported with heat pump mode device. The heat loss from bank was calculated by considering heat loss from walls, air alteration and heat sources such as human, light, devices used in the space. The outdoor integrated heating and cooling capacity calculations were performed by means of commercial software for seven different climate regions in Turkey. R410a was selected as the refrigerant of investigated VRV systems because of its low ODP (Ozone Depletion Potential) and GWP (Global Warming Potential) values and actual common usage. Effect of outside air temperature, evaporation temperature of refrigerant and outdoor unit location (such as high level, same level and lower level) on the performance of VRV systems was considered in calculations. The calculations are performed in order to clarify of effect of outdoor unit level. Payback time is calculated as 4.5 months for usage of VRV system instead of air handling unit.

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