The presented work is focused on developing closure models for simulation of multiphase flow using multi-fluid models. In the two-fluid model, pseudo turbulent terms appear in both the heat transfer term in the energy equation and the mass transfer term in the species equation. These terms are often neglected due to lack of information, but recent studies show that they can indeed be significant in the simulation of the inter particle phenomena. In the present work, we experimentally investigate the importance of pseudo turbulent term in passive scalar transport. A simultaneous stereo particle image velocimetry and planar laser induced fluorescence (SPIV/PLIF) measurement of the field data for a liquid-solid flow is presented in this study. The results of this measurement are used to validate data from Particle Resolved DNS (PR-DNS) that in turn is used to develop the aforementioned closure models. In this work, results for a single sphere are presented for Reynolds number ranging from 50 to 150. In addition, results for arrays of spheres representing volume fractions of 0.1 and 0.2 are presented for the same range of Reynolds number.

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