After more than twenty years working on the selection of an appropriate expander for Organic Rankine cycles and wide research and attentions about its influence on the performance and total cost of waste heat recovery systems, now there is a good-enough background studies and achievement for large scale applications. But small-scale industries is like a art space to modify and revise the previous results.

As it is clearly known, in small-scale applications and industries especially in internal combustion engines, besides the investigation of performance, physical properties and final efficiency of expander, other parameters should be analyzed accurately like manufacturing cost, availability, reliability, sensitivity to operating condition fluctuations.

Due to a significant role of expander equipment to enhance the efficiency of ORC system in the first step expanders is investigated.

In this paper, as per related operating characteristics, a complete comparison of small-scale expanders will be debated to guide designers to select more appropriate and the best efficient expansion machine as per their requirements. According to available literatures there is more need to do research about different types of expanders with various operating conditions in small-scale industries.

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