A direct reverse changing of the rotation direction can be a reverse operation mode for bi-directional pump station. However, research in this area was rarely conducted due to several reasons. In this paper, an axial-pump was designed by lifting method, of which approximate specific speed was 1250. The external performances, inner flow properties and pressure fluctuation characteristics of the pump were analyzed by numerical method, in both positive and reverse operation. The effectiveness of numerical method was verified by the existing experiment data of bi-directional axial-pump. The results show that the static pressure variation of the inner channel, during positive and reverse operation, is similar. However, the static pressure in the blade surface is obviously different in that the low pressure area in the back moves to the central part of the blade under reverse operation. The maximum value of amplitude occurs near to the inlet edge. Besides, the main frequencies of the pressure fluctuation in each monitoring points are multiple or equal to the blade passing frequency in both positive and reverse operation. This investigation would provide some references to the practical application of the directly reversed axial flow pump station.

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