The three-dimensional flow field characteristics are obtained by performing numerical simulation of flow in a lobe pump with twisted rotors. The relationship between the dynamic flow structure and the flow fluctuation is explored. Actually, the viscous incompressible Navier-Stokes equations are solved within an unsteady flow model. The dynamic mesh technique is applied to obtain the dynamic flow structure. By comparing the simulated results of straight rotor with those of twisted rotor, the effect of rotor shape on the flow fluctuation was revealed. Finally, the impact of the lobes number of rotors on flow pulsations is discussed. The results show that there is an intrinsic relationship between the flow fluctuation and the vortex in the lobe pump. The use of twisted rotors can effectively improve the internal flow characteristics of lobe pump and reduce flow fluctuation. With the increase of the number of lobes, the lobe pump output is more stable and capacity has been improved.

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