With the advent of bladeless fan, technological revolutions begin to hit the industrial design world of fan. However, there is none of the developed methods on bladeless fan. To explore the excellent blowing performance of bladeless fan, numerical simulation on flow field of bladeless fan was carried out in this paper. Based on the simplified model of bladeless fan, the whole process that the airflow passes through the turbine from the inlet to the outlet slit and exit far field at last, were simulated. By comparing the flux of inlet and the flux of far outlet, the causes of flux increasing are analyzed. After analyzing static characteristics of the flow field, it shows that pressure difference is very obvious. The results obtained from velocity distribution and the characteristics of the pathlines near diffuser section and turbine, were described and analyzed. The results show that the internal flow field characteristics of bladeless fans, which we concern. The external flow field characteristics of bladeless fan was studied in the same way. And it is found that the velocity magnitude of the outlet slit and Coanda surface is much larger than other area and different positions play different roles. A general analysis on inside computational domain and outside computational domain, denotes the details about fluid motion. The research could offer reference to improvement of bladeless fan.

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