Underwater fish of the class Batoidea, commonly known as rays and skates, use large cartilaginous wings to propel themselves through the water. This motion is of great interest in bioinspired robotics as an alternative propulsion mechanism. Prior research has focused primarily on the oscillating kinematics used by some species which resembles flapping; this study investigates undulatory motion induced by propagating sinusoidal waves along the fin. An analytical model of undulatory kinematics is presented and correlated with biological literature, and the model is then simulated via unsteady computational fluid dynamics and multiparticle collision dynamics. A bioinspired robot, Batoid Underwater Robotics Testbed (BURT), was developed to test the kinematics of the undulating propulsion system proposed. Finally, BURT was utilized as a platform to investigate engineering challenges in undulating Batoid robotics.

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