As part of a Department of Energy/GE sensors program multicolor pyrometry (MCP) imaging techniques were evaluated for incorporation into single color IR camera systems for gas turbine engine applications. MCP offers advantages over single-color band imaging pyrometry such as having less restrictive assumptions on wavelength dependent emissivity and capability to correct for optical density changes, contamination and fouling.

Several prototype imaging designs were built, tested and calibrated in jugular laboratory experiments and a design was implemented and demonstrated in gas turbine full-speed, full-load engine tests. Results of multicolor-color imaging and MCP temperature and apparent emissivity calculations are presented for a variety of laboratory experiment conditions, as well as for various blade conditions in the hot gas path region of turbine blades of a gas turbine engine. MCP and image processing algorithms are designed and applied to characterize the temperature and emissivity changes in the viewed surfaces in these experiments.

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