Particle image velocimetry (PIV) is a very useful tool to measure fluid velocity in various systems. In the present study, an “in-house” PIV system was developed for fluid flow measurements in a jet mixed tank. The flow profile was observed for a single jet mixer in a rectangular shaped mixing tank with varying liquid height. The jet angle was varied for the studies from 0 to 45° from the center axis. The liquid height was varied from 17–26 cm. To ensure the system was able to provide accurate results, a gravity driven pipe flow problem was first set up. The PIV system was able to accurately capture the parabolic flow profile that is known to result from Poiseuille flow problems. Results from the jet mixing study showed that recirculation in the mixing tank as a result of the jet impingement on the tank walls varied due to the angle of the jet. Low mixing areas, or locations in which the velocity was minimum, was determined from the jets of different angles. Results showed that the velocity along the surface maintained the same profile for each of the three liquid levels studied. The velocity magnitudes decreased as the liquid level was increased.

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