Impedance probes are used by the oil and gas industry to investigate multiphase flow behavior. In this study, an impedance needle probe has been developed to measure the local and temporal gas volume fraction in conductive and non-conductive process fluid. Measuring both resistance and capacitance enables this probe to be functional in both types of fluids and facilitates the measurement of local bubble velocity. Two 1/32″ insulated brass (alloy 260) rods with bare tips protrude into the flow. The gap between the electrodes is designed to be 0.085″. The probe can measure directional bubble velocity by measuring duration of signal gradient from liquid to gas transition. For a known distance between electrodes and by the measured time, directional bubble velocity in the direction of the connecting line between electrodes can be measured. The ratio between the time interval when signal is non-zero to the total time represents the temporal gas volume fraction.

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